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Holographic vinyl

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Holographic vinyl


The films can be printed with all the usual printing processes such as screen printing, offset printing, flexo printing and gravure printing, as well as thermal transfer printing. Suitable for embossing. Printing is possible without pre-treatment or application of a protective layer. Various colour systems can be used including UV drying inks, the effects will not be damaged. Most decorative techniques do not require special surface treatments. Screen printing, inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, proof stamping, application of other adhesive materials, flexo printing, offset printing are commonly performed and supplied on Creative products. Water-based inks are not recommended in this case. As always, we suggest the intended decorative technique be tested for suitability.


Foils can be cut with a cutting plotter, strip steel tools and thermal processes.

Surface treatment

The foils can be coated with resin

Chemical and mechanical resistance

Rigid PVC films resist strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohols.

In general, exposure to these chemicals - aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and esters - can cause the material to swell.

The films are scratch resistant and will not shrink.

Roll width 61 cm
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